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How to choose the best remote development destination for your business





Download our remote development destinations analysis. A conclusive report that will help you make a decision in less than 15 minutes.

You have a brilliant product in progress, a small budget from the last fundraising round, and a high market demand, now what?

You decided to take advantage of global talent and hire remote/outsourced developers. The journey to that decision was undoubtedly a difficult one. Therefore, you should make it right till the end.

The problem is: The global tech market is massive.

Finding a remote developer that fits your culture, and have the relevant technical skills is tough. So, you must first do your reasearch

The most successful startups we have seen such as gitlab, buffer, and Impargo are taking advantage of remote work to fit the dynamic environment of a startup.

Some hired developers, from our pre-vetted community, in less than 2 weeks and saved up to 3-5 months of runway.

Unveiled by Remoteplatz venture building experts

When I work with clients, I always tell them that hiring outsourced/remote developers is a long-term investment.

Though cost is the main motivation behind it, you shouldn’t ignore other factors such as education quality, skills, and time zone differences.

In this report you will find:

  • The pros and cons of primary outsourcing destinations (Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa).
  • A detailed cost comparison
  • An explanation of the education quality and the developers’ skills in each destination.
  • We even compared the collaboration efficiency based on the time zone differences and English Language skills.

The report will save you 4 - 5 hours of research,


“Remoteplatz was an existential part of Impargo’s success as we did not have the fundraising pressure that other startups had due to their local tech team. Within 2 weeks we had a fully motivated core team working remotely on our logistics SaaS platform”

Gerhard Hänel

Founder of IMPARGO

“Remoteplatz are an awesome team. Within 2 weeks they helped us assemble our MVP team. We are grateful to work with such a talented team without financially breaking our necks”

Laurin Hager

Founder of Nitehero

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