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Remoteplatz’s Guide to Hiring the Best Tech Talent



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A comprehensive analysis of traditional recruitment methods + a case study on how we helped top EU startups take advantage of remote developers

Are you looking to build TOP PERFORMING development teams that don’t cost a fortune? Struggling to control your burn rate while managing a growing product backlog?

Unveiled by Remoteplatz venture building experts

From Remoteplatz clients’ experience across Europe, we found that: 90 percent of startups are cash strapped, yet they spend more than $30K every year on recruitment agencies and management fees.

Running out of cash and hiring the wrong team are among the top reasons why most startups fail.

The most successful startups we have seen such as gitlab, buffer, and Impargo are taking advantage of remote work to fit the dynamic environment of a startup.

Some hired developers, from our pre-vetted community, in less than 2 weeks and saved up to 3-5 months of runway.


“Remoteplatz was an existential part of Impargo’s success as we did not have the fundraising pressure that other startups had due to their local tech team. Within 2 weeks we had a fully motivated core team working remotely on our logistics SaaS platform”

Gerhard Hänel

Founder of IMPARGO

“Remoteplatz are an awesome team. Within 2 weeks they helped us assemble our MVP team. We are grateful to work with such a talented team without financially breaking our necks”

Laurin Hager

Founder of Nitehero

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