Mosab M.

Ruby on Rails Entwickler

Mosab is a software engineer with an impressive background in multiple technologies. He is focused on Ruby on Rails and has a good knowledge in frontend development. He is also a certified Android developer by Udacity. In the past few years, he has been working as a software engineer with clients inside and outside Egypt.

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Related Experience

  • Software Engineer (May 2019 – Present) 

Selected projects: 

Manifest: Developed a life-style, Health, wellness, and fitness coaching app, managed by Lauren Jenai, Co-Founder of Cross-fit. Worked on building the business logic from scratch to release for the back-end and API (Using Ruby-on-Rails) and web portal
(Using React and Redux).

Carpool Club: Carpool Club is an Uber like (Carpooling) app. Worked on implementing app logic for the back-end and API (Using Ruby-on-Rails).

DCFS – Time2Connect: This is a web app for creating, scheduling and mentoring visits between family members. Worked on implementing the front-end (Using React) and managed app state using Redux.




Languages :

Ruby, PHP, Java, Node, JavaScript, SQL

Frameworks :

Ruby on Rails, Angular JS

Database :



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Systems Engineering, Alexandria University (2017)

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Java Javascript PHP React Ruby on Rails
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