Yousef N.

React Native Entwickler

Nader is a talented software engineer, with experience in React, Ruby on Rails and Angular. He participated in the largest undergrads hackathon in Egypt “Code Geist” in 2018 where he attended many sessions presented by Industry-leading companies such as Oracle, Instabug and TestPro. He has been working remotely as a Web Technical Writer where creates high-quality content in various fields of technology, from SEO issues with Angular to the future of technology trends.

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Related Experience — E-commerce web platform using Ruby on Rails, Jquery, React

Built an e-commerce web application for user-made products that allowed users to create products and sell them or search for products and buy them, or hire the seller. Also added a portal for shipping companies to handle orders.

Fashion Tween— AR Android Shop, Forge API, firebase, ARCore

Created an augmented reality shopping application on Android using ARCore library for selling used clothes, with an image processing backend for creating 3d models for the AR experience, used firebase for data models and webhooks.

Ebneha— Volunteering Social Network with Node, Express and React

Built a volunteering social for people looking to participate in volunteering events of all types and also allowed people to create volunteering opportunities for others. We also added a portal for Startups to scale up quickly with the help of volunteers.

Omni Scrabbler — A scrabble AI Agent in C++, Tenserflow, OpenAI GYM, Keras

Created a reinforcement learning agent with proximal policy optimization in Tenserflow to play scrabble at a competitive level.

Kraken— A distributed password cracking framework in Go

Built a distributed password cracking framework that runs as a CLI tool with Golang. Able to run in multiple attack modes including dictionary attacks, brute force attacks, and hybrid attacks, and leveraging goroutines for concurrency.


Languages :

React, HTML, CSS, Angular, C++, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Dart, Go, Java

Frameworks :

Node.Js & Express, Ruby On Rails

Database :

MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server


Cairo University Faculty of Engineering, Giza — Bachelor

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Angular C CSS Dart Go HTML Java Javascript Python React Ruby
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