Abdelrahman B.

React Entwickler

Bakry is a software developer with 2 years of experience in software development using React and React Native. He is a self-motivated, hardworking and ambitious developer who is also experienced in backend technologies such as NodeJS and PHP.

Ready to join in 2-3 weeks Availability : Full time

Related Experience

Worked as a React Native Developer at AwStreams Digital Agency

  • Understand and competently create navigation / routing using the most up to date methods and platform APIs.
  • Persist local data, both encrypted and unencrypted.
  • Achieve animations using React Native APIs.
  • Manage application state using both the Redux state container library as well as


  • Working on EXPO SDK and Explore APIs and New Features and Ejecting to Native Modules.

Worked as a React Native Developer at Codersea LTD

  • Build responsive user interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Competently style components, including understanding Flexbox, React Native styling and JavaScript styling syntax.
  • Use React Native Maps to view and map coordinates.
  • Target individual platforms at compile time for platform specific UI and API integration.
  • Interact with external APIs over the network using fetch and Axios.
  • Build and run applications in both simulator and device environments.



Languages :

ReactJS, JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML, HTML5, PHP

Database :

Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL


Bachelor in Computer Science, Maadi Modern Academy

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HTML html5 Javascript NODEJS PHP ReactJS
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