Muhammad N.

Python Entwickler

Nabil is a highly skilled Computer Engineering senior student. He is experienced in Python development and in business with a background in many fields. Volunteered in 12 different roles in less than two years, and awarded the best and most dedicated member in many of them. His work motto is to always make a difference and deliver an unprecedented quality.

Ready to join in 2 - 3 weeks Availability : Full time

Related Experience

Hypermarket Database using Python and SQL 

  • Designed and Implemented a Database for Hyper-Market using Rational Database to store market data for
    all products, employees, suppliers, and Transactions.
  • Designed ERD for the database then Designing schema for the final applicable ERD.
  • Designed and implementing python script to automate inserting all the data.

Smart Ticketing System for public buses using IoT Concept

  • Designed and Implemented an original system using agile method to allow Public to view all upcoming buses for the selected route and easily select a bus to book a ticket.
  • Designed the application architecture based on system requirements and specifications.
  • Designed and implemented an Android app, IBM bluemix cloud project, and a hardware devices.
  • Integrated Android app with the cloud for booking and viewing buses’ location features mainly, and hardware devices with the cloud to send buses’ location and for crisis management.


Languages :

Python, Java, HTML, C ,Android ,CSS ,C++


Fifth year at the Faculty of Engineering - Modern-Academy for Engineering and Technology

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Android C CSS HTML Java Python
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