Kirolos W.

Python Entwickler

Kirolos is a software engineer with a solid experience in Python as well as other languages and technologies. He is keen on learning new technologies and advancing his knowledge in software development. He has successfully completed a number of courses and bootcamps in Data structure, embedded systems and algorithms.

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Related Experience

Connect-4 Game

  • Connect-4 Console game
  • Using some C++ and OOP to make a portable API

Smart-home project (IOT Connected)

  • Embedded systems and SW project using AVR MCU and C
  • The project is an implementation for a smart home that give users the ability to control all the home and to gather any information he needs over the IOT network

Digital signal-detector

  • Two parts project (Analog detector , Digital interface) that is used to detect if there’s

IOT Transform

  • IOT power control project
  • Using IOT plaƞorm and power interface the project
  • It can convert any regular device to smart one and IOT connected

Certifications and courses:

CS 50

Provider : Harvard university ,

Content : C/C++ , Data structure , Algorithms , Web Technologies

Data-structure and algorithms boot camp

Provider : Menoon llc , Zewail City

Content : Sorting algorithms , searching algorithms ,Numbers theory,

bit-masking , fluid fill , recursion, memoization , dynamic programming

Embedded Systems Diploma

Provider : EmbeddedFab

Content : Advanced C , Bit-Masking , Advanced pointers , Data-structure

Big programs Design, Micro-controllers interfaces ,AVR Drivers , FreeRTOS

Algorithmic Toolbox ( Provider : University of California ,

Content : Sorting, Searching, divide and conquer, greedy , dynamic programming


Languages :

Python, C/C++, Javascript, HTML


Helwan university 2014 Faculty of engineering CommunicaƟon and computers department

More Info

● Make-File Scripting
● Sockets Programming
● Linux system calls
● GIT***

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C/C++ HTML Javascript Python
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