Amir S.

Python Entwickler

Amir is a professional computer engineer with an expertise in backend development using Python.  He designed and developed many python modules including one that communicates with any type of database over a vpn connection.

Ready to join in 2 - 3 weeks Availability : Full time

Related Experience

Worked as a Software Engineer with Flying Elephant Lab, 

  • Redesigned part of Database schema to improve the system performance.
  • Integrated cache solutions to caching database queries results and HTTP responses.

Worked as a Software Engineer with Paymob: 

  • Deliver a full product to be extremely generic and customizable to fit business needs.
  • Mapping full product from no-sql to sql schema to meet business needs without change in the
    api interface.
  •  Deliver package to send async. requests to multiple servers and return with the valid response.
  • Deliver communication module
    ◦ Handles communication between any two entities.
    ◦ Supports any data type (Json-XML-SOAP).
    ◦ Mapping data based on entities needs.
  • Deliver a python module to communicate with any type of database over a vpn connection
    ◦ Types of Databases (Oracle – MySQL – PostgreSQL)
    ◦ Open a connection based on database engine and vpn parameters (PPPT)
    ◦ Basic Retrieve and Update
  • Implement first basis of microservices architecture
    ◦ Redesign features to be stateless services and state-full services Each service has its own
    database in order to be decoupled from other services.
    ◦ Using AWS lambda to decrease expenses
  • Deliver continuous integration using Gitlab-CI to help in catching issues early and nip them in the bud



Languages :

Python, JavaScript / ES6 , Java, Golang, RUBY, PHP, C++

Frameworks :

Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, OpenCV, VUE js, Django-Channels, Django-Oscar, Nginx, unittest, gunicorn, uwsgi, ROR, Docker, Vagrant, Laravel, Varnish.


Bachelor of Science – Computer and Physics, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

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C Golang Java JavaScript / ES6 PHP Python Ruby
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