Ahmed T.

NodeJS Entwickler

Tharwat is a self motivated, junior software developer who developed many projects using NodeJs, Java and PHP. He is interested in solving complex problems through archeitcing and building scalable systems and applications

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Related Experience



Practicing web app project, that shows camps added by admin, and add new camps with photos and description. This project is still used for practicing more on web development using NodeJs, ExpressJs and MongoDB stack.

Github URL: https://github.com/Tharwaat/yelpCamp


This is a to-do list application, that allows the user to add tasks, and remove others. This app is developed using Node.js, Express.Js, and containerized by docker.

Github URL: https://github.com/Tharwaat/to-do-app


An on going Project, which is a platform powered by TMDB’s API, where you can search for movies, TV shows and know more details about, like: Year of release, ratings, description, Cast and much more. This project is under development using NodeJs, ExpressJs and RequestJS for the backend, and HTML. CSS for the frontend.

Github URL: https://github.com/Tharwaat/MTGate

School Platform

This project was an educational, web based platform, where students can register for courses, rate them and make suggestions and comments on them. Also, teachers can offer courses and receive students feedback. It was a college project, which developed using Java, Spring MVC and SQL for the backend, and HTML,

CSS for the frontend.


Languages :

NodeJs, Java, C++, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript

Database :



Bachelor of Computer Science, Cairo University

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C Java Javascript NODEJS PHP Python
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