Muhammad A.

iOS Entwickler

Adam is a mobile developer focused on developing iOS applications. He is constantly striving to learn new technologies and looking for better ways to develop his skills through courses and trainings.

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Related Experience


Mi Vodafone


Mi Vodafone is a Vodafone iOS application for Spain.


File analysis and small search engine


Developed a tool to analyze text file and returns information about its content.

A simple search for words is also available. Developed using C++


Ordered-delivery checker


Developed a simple version of ordered-delivery checker required in many

networking protocols and applications. Developed using C++


Temperature and Motion Monitoring System (SW and HW project)


A system that monitors the current room temperature and the motion state in

this room. When the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, a fan turns on to

cool down the room temperature. The temperature of the room, the motion

state (detected or not), the fan state (on or off) should be displayed on the PC

monitor and screen connected with the controller.



  • (2018) iOS Mobile Application Development Training (JETS-ITI)
  • (2018) AutoLayout (Udacity)
  • (2018) Grand Central Dispatch (Udacity)
  • (2017) Software Testing Concepts Training (Valeo Academy)
  • (2015) Training in Telecom Egypt
  • (2015) Embedded System Diploma [C, Interfaces and Intro. to RTOS]


Languages :

Swift, Objective-C, iOS development, C, C++, Python, MATLAB


B.Sc. Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, Cairo University

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C iOS development Matlab Objective-C Python Swift
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