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Django Entwickler

Elnagar is a talented, self-taught software developer who believes that anything can happen with determination and hard work. From 2016 to 2018 he was devoted to learn computer science so he enrolled in intensive online programming courses that taught him everything about Python, Django, and JavaScript.

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Related Experience

Project Floor 7 – In-house Local Hosting

  • Proposed to host the HR application on one of IBM servers, located at the seventh floor.
  • Configured a Linux server, turning it into a web app server, configuringUbuntu + Apache2 + Django + MySql + React. Also configured the SSH connection remotely using public key authentication.

Project Transporter – NoSQL to SQL

  • Lockersoftware for business intelligence needed SQL instance to connect to our backend database which is currently a GAE Datastore – whereby doing analytics on some company reports.
  • We made a TCP/IP remote connection from the google cloud app to a locally hosted MySQL Server, and securing it via SSL encryption over the TCP. Cron job runs every hour converting last hourNoSQL to customized SQL tables.

Reliance Logistics HR Application

  • Reliance HR application is made in-house managing nearly 1000 employees across 5 subsidiary companies.
  • Implemented the personnel module for the group by liaising with the HR department.
  • Worked solely on the payroll and change of status modules from requirements gathering until implementation.


Languages :

Python, Django, Java, and JavaScript.

Frameworks :



Open Source Society University – OSSU . A free online self-taught path to learning computer science .

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and JavaScript. Django Java Python
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