Moustafa A.

Blockchain Entwickler

Ahmed is an experienced software Engineer with an impressive record of successful projects. He has the ability to transform complex technical problems into simplified solutions with a well-written and clean code.

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Related Experience

  • Worked on developing the algorithm of the LL(1) top down parser which is used to parse the input of a CFG the algorithm was designed using Java.
  • Worked on designing a compiler for the Golang programming language using Java and Cup parser library.
  • Worked on developing an Image manipulation detection Model using the Pre-trained VGG16 model which was fine tuned to our model using the transfer learning technique.
  • Worked on developing a Gender Estimator model for images using the Pre-trained ResNet 18 model which was fine tuned to our model using the transfer learning technique.
  • Worked on multiple projects that utilize the technologies of Computer Vision and Deep learning and Natural Language processing.
  • Worked on developing a chat messaging application using the Ethereum’s Whisper protocol, Vue.js and Web3.js.
  • Developed a web chatbot application and an android chatbot the chatbot was

developed using Go for the bac-end, and Android studio for the chatbot Mobile App .

  • Developed an airlines company website and an Android and IOS web-Apps for it, the site was developed using the MEAN stack, and Ionic for the Web-App.
  • Developed a music streaming website using the spotify API , the website was

developed using ReactJs

  • Developed a complete 3D one player game using Unity and C# .


Languages :

Object oriented programming : - Java, Python, C++, C# . Machine Learning Tools And Frameworks: - Tensorflow, Keras OpenCV. Front-end : - HTML/CSS, React.js/Redux, Vue.js, JQuery . Back-end: - GO, MongoDB , SQL, Nodejs .ExpressJS, Solidity. Mobile development: - Android development, React Native


Computer science and Engineering, German university in Egypt

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Android development C Go HTML/CSS Java JQuery Keras MongoDB Nodejs .ExpressJS Python React Native React.js/Redux Solidity. SQL Tensorflow Vue.js
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