Sherif N.

AI Entwickler

Sherif started his programming career in 2016 as a software engineer. Since then he has been focusing on machine learning and AI technologies. He worked with reputable Egyptian and multinational companies as a software engineer specialized in developing database schemas for multifunctional website and platforms. Besides, he completed a number of machine learning and data science courses on Udemy, Stanford University, and Udacity.

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Related Experience

  • Software Engineer (2018 – 2019)

Robotics Process Automation
– Wrote Solution Design Documents for new business processes.
– Implemented automation solutions for business processes according to the solution design document.
– Performed user acceptance test with Clients and give required training and documentation for SMEs.

  • Software Engineer (2016 – 2017)

– Created database schema for Car Pooling System using SQL Server.
– Implemented APIs for CRUD operations using .NET MVC 5 and Entity Framework.
– Created dashboard and Ajax CRUD Tables with (paging, filtering, etc.) using jQuery.

Selected projects:

  • Live Texturing of Augmented Reality 3D Characters.

An Interactive augmented reality system algorithms using OpenGL ES, Java.

  • Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Networks (2016).

Implemented Multi-Layer Feedforward and Backward propagation Neural Network using C#.

  • Supervised Learning Finding Donors (2019).

Using AdaBoost Ensemble Method to determine future donors for a charity organization, first project of Udacity Data Science Nanodegree using Python (Numpy, Pandas, Sci-kit Learn).


Languages :

C, C+, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Objective-C, R

Frameworks :



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Ain Shams University (2016)

More Info

Libraries/APIs: Numpy

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.NET Java Javascript Objective-C R SQL
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