Salma M.

AI Entwickler

Salma has more than 2 years of experience in software engineering and specifically in machine learning. She worked mostly on developing machine learning models that are used for diagnosing certain medical conditions. She is an expert in Python, C++ and Matlab and she can work with a wide variety of technologies (PL/SQL- ADO, ODP, java/android Programming, Assembly x86).

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Related Experience

  • Machine Learning Engineer (2018 – 2019) 

Developed a website for predicting  and detecting possible attacks using neural network.

Selected projects:

  • Melanoma Skin Cancer Diagnosis using Python

Built a machine learning model using feature extraction algorithms as “Gray-level-co-occurrence- matrix”, “Principal component analysis”, Classifier algorithm as “support vector machine”, and” Convolution neural network”.

  • Face recognition using Matlab

Built a face recognition model using feature extraction algorithms as “Gray-level-co- occurrence- matrix” and classifier algorithm as”k-nearst neighbors”.

  • Dark Room Game using C++/OPENGL

Developed a code dark room game where the player (camera) enters the room, control the camera moves by the arrows, to attack the objects that appear under the lights.

  • Credit Hours Scheduling System Using C# Console 

Constructed a weekly schedule for credit hours students according to the courses, using data structure as “dictionaries”, “vectors”.


Languages :

Python, C++, Matlab, SQL, Java, C#

Database :



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Ain Shams University (2018)

More Info


  • Coursera

Machine learning by Stanford university, Convolution neural network.

  • Udemy

Machine learning and deep learning from Scratch in Arabic form.

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C/C++ Java Matlab MySQL Python
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