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Amin is a Computer Engineer with passion towards Deep Learning. He has been working as a deep learning researcher for autonomous driving vehicles. He is also a member of DLforLife organization on Github. He took part in several projects for a number of the largest OEMs in the world. He is an expert in data analysis for automotive field (data generation, extraction and post processing) as well as in implementing most recent state-of-the-art techniques for neural networks (semantic segmentation, regression and detection).

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Related Experience

Worked as a Deep Learning Researcher at Valeo, Egypt

  • Worked on data extraction, analysis and post processing for safety-critical automotive projects (Regression, Semantic segmentation and detection).
  • Performed data augmentation for better training accuracy.
  • Responsible for reaching real-time performance for end-to-end autonomous driving systems.
  • Handled deployment for new state-of-the-art network architectures and benchmarking on ECUs like Jetson Board (Nvidia) and Movidius (Intel).
  • Worked on code optimization for kernel coding on the targeted ECUs using CUDA and openCL.

Worked as a Machine Learning Engineer at Com-IoT, Dubai

  • Worked on smart city.home solutions such as car speed detection, intrusion detection, driver distraction detection systems.
  • Was the lead in data collection, analysis, and annotation.
  • Worked on YOLO models for detection and classification. This system is currently in production on Dubai roads.

Worked as a Software Engineer at IBM, Egypt

  • Developed an IoT project that tracks employee’s vital systems and reports back to their manager in case they need certain attention or a break to increase their productivity. This project was later on integrated with Apple’s smart watches.


Languages :

Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML, Angular

Database :



Bachelor of Computer Engineering. Cairo University

More Info

Publications: End-To-End Multi-Modal Sensors Fusion System For Urban Automated Driving

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